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 This day Aria - (Important news also)

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This day Aria - (Important news also) Empty
PostSubject: This day Aria - (Important news also)   This day Aria - (Important news also) Empty19/10/2012, 1:14 am

I think I will soon give up music making . Its just tiring , I get a few submissions on new grounds ever now and then which I do for free for the good of people . However people are just fazing out my music with the new fruity loops update , 8 bit music can be made in about 3 minuites done right . I refuse to be making music when there are also brony artists out there who have come to my channell and left comments on my non pony songs , which were quite hurtful . I love what I do . And its a bloody shame to see it just die. My plan of action might be to ask for money for songs on newgrounds . But I will still do Project awakening because I love it and want this to be on the front page of every brony website .

I know you guys dont particaulry care for my music much anyhow , but I would love to hear suggestions from you . Perhaps I can do your favourite songs? Hopefully not pony ones , Im giving those up.

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This day Aria - (Important news also) 551eab8b69f1301c5bc6df19e9a22874

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This day Aria - (Important news also)
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