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 Rules and general forum guidelines.

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Rules and general forum guidelines.  Empty
PostSubject: Rules and general forum guidelines.    Rules and general forum guidelines.  Empty25/7/2012, 7:28 am

Universal Forum Rules

Level 1 - Warning

Excessive foul language* - Use of foul language is is not against the rules. However, it is discouraged. Don't use foul language excessively and you will be fine. All racists terms will be counted as excessive. Foul language in thread titles is prohibited.
Thread digging - Do not dig deep into posts and randomly reply to old threads. Example: Finding a two month old "Introduction" thread and resurrecting it. This causes confusion among the newer members.
Creating threads in the wrong section. - Make new threads in the correct section. Creating a new thread in the incorrect section causes us to have to move them. If it happens by accident, we understand completely. This rule exists only for those who are breaking it multiple times on purpose.
Duplicate Threads - Before making a thread, please use the Advanced Search feature to make sure the thread does not already exist. This especially applies for threads made in the Discussion Section.
Spam. - Posting useless things in excess.
Making "like this" posts. - They're pretty annoying and defeat the purpose of a like system.
Publicly campaigning for Staff - Staff is selected by the Admins only when we are in need of additional staff. Campaigning is annoying and will be ignored. We are currently doing well with the amount of Staff we have. Publicly campaigning will reduce your chances of receiving Staff. Threads of this nature will be deleted, and repeat offenses will result in a temporary ban.
Advertising/Bashing/Discussing other My Little Pony forums - Self explanatory.
Making thread titles in all caps - This gets very irritating, so please refrain from doing so.
Goodbye threads - Don't create these kinds of threads, as they will be counted as spam threads and will be deleted.

Level 2 - Short Term Ban (24-48 hours)

Doing anything in level 1 repeatedly - This depends on the level of the infraction received.
Posting where you were told not to post. - Repeat posting in the wrong sections after being warned.
Flaming/trolling.* - Unacceptable - All of the staff work hard to make these forums a brony-friendly community and as a result, the tolerance level here is quite high.
Racism* - Racism will not be tolerated.

Level 3 - Long Term Ban (10 Days or more)

Mass spamming. - Repeatedly posting the same thing over and over throughout various threads.
Advertising without permission. - You can only advertise your site/store/etc if you have permission from an admin/mod.
Threatening other members.*
Descriptions of pornographic material/situations.* - Including, but not limited to, clopfics, sexual acts, etc. We shouldn't have to mention this, as we are a board based off of a family-friendly show. This can lead up to a permanent ban.

Level 4 - Permanent Ban (Severe offenses will be given an IP ban)

Threatening the site (attacks, ddos, etc).
Ban evading. - If you have been banned, you can email the mod/admin involved for an appeal. Do not create another account to evade a ban, as it will result in a permanent ban until your appeal has been met, or denied.
Posting ANY Pornography, Rule 34, animal harassment, or gore in ANY section. (Guaranteed Ban) - Not only is this illegal, it can also result in a site shutdown. This site is for a family-friendly show, and you should respect it in that way. This INCLUDES fanfic/pics. Gorefics/clopfics should ONLY be shared personally and not publicly, through your own messaging systems.
Using another members personal information. - Do not exploit others' personal info if you have it. IE pictures/names/etc.

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Site Administrator
Site Administrator

Posts : 1712
Join date : 2012-02-23
Age : 24
Location : British Londontown

Rules and general forum guidelines.  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Rules and general forum guidelines.    Rules and general forum guidelines.  Empty14/8/2012, 5:52 am

Just going to add this in here, it's not a rule per-say but please try to follow it the same way you would follow the guideline about double posting.


Example of what NOT to do

Just having so many quotes in one post is ugly and just not needed, please refrain to 2-3 quotes within quotes max when posting please.
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Rules and general forum guidelines.
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