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PostSubject: Re: dreams   dreams - Page 9 Empty5/2/2013, 12:25 am

i had yet another pony dream (2 nights in a row sweet) and and even though im sure no pony will read it ill post it

twilight had become an alicorn and me and rainbow wer training her to use her wings, for some reason i cant remember twilight had a big purple rubber ball, any how rainbow had lost her timer sh she desided to use a bunch of giant mouse traps she got from pinkie and layed them end to end, this ended with twilight diving for cover and he rubber ball being cut in half from the traps

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PostSubject: Re: dreams   dreams - Page 9 Empty26/7/2013, 3:50 am

For this dream, i've divided up the text. Everything in Orange, is pony related. Everything else, is Doctor Who. and yes, this was all ONE dream.  

The Royal family are awaiting the return of the couple who just had a baby. The Queen is fussing that her black dress has a white chalk stain on it. The Doctor tells her to relax, everything will be fine. They all sit-down and put their feet up, drinking tea and the camera pans up into the celling.

Coming into view are a line of pods. In each pod is a pony. None from the show, all generic background ponies with no name. Walking past them are two ponies. Both of them have dark black coats, but one of them has a red mane and is carrying a whip, and the other has a green mane and is slightly taller.

It all fades out to a park where a group of people are standing in a line. The Doctor stand before each of them and the points to an elderly man in a suit. “It’s You! You’re the one that’s been stealing and conning people into giving you money as a reward for finding it!” The Doctor walked away as the police arrest the man. An old man walks up to the Doctor and thanks him. They walk together chatting casually when they reach the old mans house. The Doctor’s screwdriver makes a noise and they both go inside.

(This is where things get bad)
The black pony with the green mane was standing over a filly, lying on the floor in a pool of water, that would only come up to her ankles when stood up straight. The filly was Scootaloo and there were wires going into her side, straight into her spine. The black pony uses telekenisis, revealing she has a horn, and pulls each of the wires out of Scootaloo one at a time. The wires have long bars in them and as each one was pulled out, Scootaloo would cry out in pain. She then got up and looked around.
“Where am i?” Scootaloo asked. The place was dark, and looked like an empty loft (attic) which had flooded, due to all the water on the ground.
“Child” The unicorn whispered in a voice that echo’d much like Queen Chrysalis’. “It’s time for the test.”
“What?” Scootaloo asked. Looking terrified.

Everything fades to black and we’re on a staircase with The Doctor and the old man. They are looking down the stairs and at the bottom is a Weeping Angel, frozen, but in a pose that looked like she almost caught one of them. The both stared at the angel and the Doctor told the old man not to blink. The Doctor ran off, grabbed a toy Tardis and used the sonic screwdriver on it. The old man ran into the room looking scared.
“What happened?” The Doctor asked.
“I blinked, and then it was gone.”
They both looked around and there it was. On the celling above them, about to drop down. It was about to fall from it’s weight but they were trapped, Just as they began to panic, The tardis materialised around them, saving them both.

Back in the loft, The black unicorn paced back and forth angrily. Scootaloo was at her feet. The wires deep in her side going into her spine again.
“I’ve had enough of this!” The Green maned unicorn pulled all the wires out of Scootaloo very fast, each of the 5 rods covered in blood and Scootaloo screamed in agony, curling up into a ball and crying.
“Why?!” she cried out between tears. “What did I ever do wrong? Just let me go home.”
(At this point my heart is breaking to the point where I’d rather die than see more of this dream)
“Enough of this. You can’t go home but I’ll give you this chance”
The Red haired black earth pony walked in hanging the whip on the wall. The loft was the same as before, big, empty and flooded.
“Defeat her, and you can go.”
Scootaloo stood up, remembering all the punishment she had taken from this horrible pony who had taken her away from her home and brought her here. Scootaloo screamed and charged at the black mare, she dodged the filly and ran to the far side of the room. Scootaloo grabbed the whip off the wall with her teeth and tried to use it. The other pony dove under the water, avoiding the whip. When she reemerged, the pony was a flaming skeleton but her lower half was missing, replaced by a spine that moved like a snake and didn’t look like it ended. Scootaloo in a panic jumped out the way, flapping her wings as hard as she could, but the flaming pony skeleton opened it’s ribcage and trapped Scootaloo inside. The fires burned her and she screamed out in pain.

At this point I couldn’t take it, in my dream I was crying out of someone to save her, begging the pony to let her go. I then woke up, finding myself half out of bed, as if I’m about to run off.
I put my face in my palms, wondering why my brain would EVER imagine something so completely terrible. I walked over to my Scootaloo plushie and gave her a hug.

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