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 Meet The Team - An Introduction To The "Veterans" of Brony Awakening

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Meet The Team - An Introduction To The "Veterans" of Brony Awakening Empty
PostSubject: Meet The Team - An Introduction To The "Veterans" of Brony Awakening   Meet The Team - An Introduction To The "Veterans" of Brony Awakening Empty14/4/2012, 9:39 am

After seeing Flutterdude’s post illustrating a brief introduction to the members of the site, I decided to make a farcical introduction to the veteran of the site as an introduction for new members. I hope I can cover all the bases with this thread, and that you can take all insults directed at you in good humour.

CloudConnection - (Former) Brony Awakening administrator and lord high ragamuffin. Acts as a Big Brother-type figure for the site, surveying everyone’s moves to see if they stay in line - and take action if they don’t. Secretly knows very little about running a website. Married to Spitfire. Can draw somewhat. Is one of the youngest members of the site, yet somehow also one of the more mature and serious. Recently discovered that he has a strange affinity for Clerks:The Animated Series. Usually listening to music or playing video games when not running the site. Makes YouTube Poops - YMMV on whether or not this is a good thing.

Luna - Administrator and prominent member of the forums. Is British. Also referred to as Callum, or Cal, for short. The only moderator who actually takes his job seriously (and as such, is the only moderator actually paid for his work). Is British. Acts as a sort of mother to the site. Married to Luna, though he is also in a on/off relationship with Cloud. Can draw. Currently resides in a small wooden shack somewhere in a crater on the moon living with his wife. Is British.

AlphaWolfBlood - Moderator and convicted felon. Raised by wolves after his parents dumped him in the Arctic as an infant. Was caught at the age of 17 for shoplifting, brandishing a weapon, and fourth-degree murder (of a vase he dropped while running from the police). Housed at a penitentiary in Georgia and forced to join BA for community service. Married to Applejack. Can not draw. Is a metalhead. Likes whiskey. Doesn’t like opinions that are different than his. Constantly called Jacob by Cloud, usually mocking his redneck status at the same time. Is not British.

lexiedark - Official Brony Awakening Cheerleader Squad (BACS) leader. Composed of dark matter and ice cream sprinkles. Is only here to provide estrogen and innocence to the group of jaded old men. May or may not be an emo. Can draw. Obsesses over Snivy, especially if that Snivy is dark. Favorite number is 495. Has 3 pony personas, two of which are male. Often google-eyed by the men of the forums. Recently lost her tablet and is still weeping about it to this day. Is very random, but not the British kind of random.

Topsy Kretts - Yet another British guy on the forums. Lives in Londonhamshireyorkchesterpool, Great Britian. Is more or less just a regular member of the site, having not done much to advance the site. Is in a constant struggle to have the biggest number of posts on the site. If memory serves, can draw. Married to his stockpile of tea and crumpets. Is liked by everyone else. Overall is a pretty cool guy.

Heat Resin - Graphic artist and phoenix breeder. Is Princess Celestia’s royal pet. Creates artwork, both for the site and for fun. Is not British. Has a sexy voice. Obvisouly, can draw. Came up with that big fancy logo at the top of the page (with creative consulting from Cloud, of course (hey, that was alliteration)). Once was pole vaulting champion of Russia, though his records were stripped when he was caught fucking a phoenix. Is probably wondering why his description here is so random. Is actually the ghost of Steve Jobs in cognito.

bioreactor - Lonesome shadow of the night. Presumed to be an incarnation of Satan himself. Is made entirely out of fire. Was created in a laboratory in an experiment gone wrong, causing a resonance cascade and opening a portal to the borderworld Xen...wait, wrong story. Often has no idea what’s going on, which is usually a direct result of him not liking anything the others like. Can draw, but he doesn’t do it often. Married to a furnace. Is offended by Cloud making fun of rednecks, and he in turn is made fun of for taking offense of it.

AlGreat - The Jay and Silent Bob of the forums. Loves parties, Pinkie Pie, parties with Pinkie Pie, and parties inside Pinkie Pie. Mostly just hangs around the website getting stoned. Can not communicate with words, and instead resorts to images to tell what he is saying, particularly of 60‘s Spiderman. Lives in California. Can draw (mostly graphic artistry). Constantly shoots himself in the mouth whenever a bad situation occurs. Likes Caravan Palace. Is apparently named Al, although this is not confirmed.

Lord Fuse - Long-lost veteran of Brony Awakening. Alternates between being completely random and completely serious (all in a monotone manner, however). Was reported M.I.A. when ITSF exploded on itself, and was assumed dead. Got better and resumed his previous duties at BA. Admires Pinkie Pie. Can draw somewhat. Is adored by Lexie - it is unknown whether or not he returns this affection, or is even aware of it. Likes to roleplay. Often creates characters out of bad-quality artwork. Is infamous for constantly changing his Skype name.

Meet The Team - An Introduction To The "Veterans" of Brony Awakening Cloudconnectionsignatur
Meet The Team - An Introduction To The "Veterans" of Brony Awakening Signat10
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Meet The Team - An Introduction To The "Veterans" of Brony Awakening
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