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 The end of Brony Awakening.

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The end of Brony Awakening. Empty
PostSubject: The end of Brony Awakening.   The end of Brony Awakening. Empty10/2/2014, 8:53 am

Well, I can honestly say I think everyone saw this coming a mile off but it still saddens me to do this. Brony Awakening has not had a new active member is eight months to a year, no one actively posts any more and very recently the only surviving part of our community, the Skype group. Has also split.

So, me in my position as captain of the Hms Deadforum say it's time to dock this boat for good.

For forum based on a community who spouts 'love and tolerance' I've seen none of this happening recently and find it all hypocritical. A forum that won't accept new members for who they are or what personality they have is not much of a forum at all.

Well. From February 2012 to February 2014. It was a fun three years guys, i've met some wonderful people, some not so nice people and people I've become best friends with and it saddens me to see it turn out this way.

Forum will be locked with no new members and no members with ability to post until the Lights Of Harmony RP threads have been fully archived. Then after that, the forum will be terminated leaving no trace.

So yeah.

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The end of Brony Awakening.
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