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 The Name Game

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PostSubject: The Name Game   The Name Game Empty30/10/2013, 8:22 am

This is simple really. Started out as a fun exercise. You say a name of a pony, and i write a paragraph about that pony doing something. You say another pony's name, and i put them together in that story. Then another name, and so on and so on.

I did this in Skype and here are the names I got, in order.

Big Macintosh

Now, ORIGINALLY i stopped this story at the first 3 names. It was just a fun thing to try. However, after i wrote what i did, people asked me to FINISH the story. So... Challenge accepted. I wrote more and asked for more names from random people. Thus the full list. I have spent HOURS working on this. and no it's not going on FiMfiction, unless i get to Chapter 3. So this is it folks. Nevel's creative brain in action. Tell me what you think of Chapter one, written on the spot using ONLY the names given to me. nothing planned, all 100% made up as i went along.


Nevel's Story - Chapter One

Scootaloo is riding her scooter through the small town of Ponyville, going extremely fast for such a little filly. The young pegasus as always loved to go fast, but today was important. She was late for perhaps the biggest event in Ponyville history! Taking a sharp corner she doesn’t see the little purple dragon in front of her and she crashes into Spike. They both hit the floor hard but neither Scootaloo nor Spike were really hurt. The orange filly always had her crash helmet on and Spikes scales were very thick, so it’ll take a lot to hurt him badly. Spike stands up and walks over to Scootaloo.

"Geez, what's the rush kid?" Spike says helping Scootaloo back to her hooves. She shakes her head and smiles.

"I'm on my way to see Trixie! I heard she's got a new talent show tonight"

"Trixie?" Spike says surprised. "What's she doing back here? After all she's done I’d thought she’d never come back."

Scootaloo was about to answer before the popping of fireworks burst overhead. A loud voice echoed out across town.


"It's starting!" Scootaloo yells as she jumps onto her scooter and taking off at great speed again. Spike is left behind scratching his head. He didn't like Trixie after all she had done, but why would the little filly be so excited to see somepony who once tormented her hero? Spike decided to check it out for himself.

The ponies of Ponyville are all gathered around a large stage, Fireworks explode above as the blue mare of stage finishes her latest trick. Spike looks unimpressed as around him the audience cheer and stomp in approval.

“Wow, have you ever seen such amazing magic?” Scootaloo says from beside Spike.

“Errr, yes!” Spike rolls his eyes. “Twilights twice the unicorn that Trixie is!”

“Heh,” Scootaloo scoffs. “Yeah, okay.”

Spike was looking at Scootaloo  with his s narrows his eyes. The orange filly looks up at the stage and watches as Trixie pulls a rabbit out of her hat, to a grand ovation from the crowd.

“She’s so amazing! How’s she even do that?” Scootaloo was watching the show in awe, along with the rest of the crowd.

What was going on?  Spike thought to himself. He stepped away from the crowd and bumped into Big Macintosh.

“Oh, hey Big Mac. Can you believe these ponies? They’ve all fallen head over hooves, in love with Trixie’s magic show. Can you believe it?”

The red stallion didn’t reply, instead in stared at the stage, looking towards Trixie.

“Hellooo? Anypony home?” Spike felt like he was being ignored. Suddenly Trixie’s voice called out to the crowd.

“Thank you, my enthusiastic admirers. Now, for Trixie’s next trick, she will need a volunteer.” Every pony jumped up and down raising their hooves, trying to get the attention of the blue unicorn. Big Mac especially, who stood head and shoulders above everypony was trying to get Trixie’s attention. Spike could never remember the stallion being so energetic about anything.  

“Yes, you!” Trixie calls out over the screaming ponies. “The red stallion wearing the horse collar!”
Big Mac smiled broadly and pushed his way to the stage. Spike stood there with his mouth agape. It was almost like Big Mac was under some kind of spell, making him into a giggling filly. Spike then looked over to Scootaloo, who was hopping on the spot trying to get a better view. She’d never shown this much excitement for anything, unless it involved Rainbow Dash.

“Be amazed!” Trixie called out over the crowd, “As the great and powerful Trixie performs a spell like no other. BEHOLD!” She screamed before a bright purple light blasted out from her horn and struck Big Macintosh in the chest. He slowly began to float into the air and the crowd watched in silence as he spun around. After a blinding white flash, the stallion landed back on the stage. The crowd gasped and murmurs began to rise steadily.

“Isn’t Trixie the most amazing unicorn in ALL of Equestria!?” Trixie smiled smugly as she spoke to the crowd.

The crown began cheering again, louder than ever before. Spike stood there bewildered.

“What was so amazing about that?!” Spike shouted out, but couldn’t be heard over the crowd. The small purple dragon walked away in a huff. “There was nothing impressive about that! She just levitated him a few feet into the air.“

Spike went back home to the Ponyville Library. He wanted to speak to Twilight about this odd behaviour. He opened the door and walked inside the library, there was no pony in the room.

“Twilight?” Spike called out, but after a few seconds of getting no response he decided to go to the kitchen and make himself a snack. He opened the cupboards and looks at what they had. Daisies, Apples, Jam. He didn’t feel like any of these. Opening the next cupboard he saw a new box of cereal. Taking it out, the dragon held it in front of himself. He’d never seen this before and the first thing he saw was a blue unicorn wearing a purple hat and cape. Trixie smiled at him from the front of the box of “Trixie’s Charms?” Spike said aloud as looked at it. The front door banged open and the sounds of ponies laughing filled the libary. Spike put the box down on the table and ran into the next room.

“Twilight, where have you-“ Spike stopped mid-sentence. Spike guessed that Twilight wasn’t alone, but he never expected to see, of all ponies, Princess Luna. The Alicorn Princesses were laughing and talking quickly, oblivious to Spike’s presence.

“Her magic was incredible, was it not?” Twilight said.

“We have to agree. Her magic is more powerful than any seen. Even more so than our sister.” Luna smiled happily. “We are just glad to have seen it with our own eyes.”

Spike looked at the two in disbelief. Surely they weren’t talking about Trixie, were they?

“And her skills with levitation are beyond any unicorns before her!” Twilight gushed.

Has everypony gone crazy? Spike thought to himself.

“We cannot agree more. May haps she could even raise our moon AND sisters sun together!“
Spike couldn’t believe this. Twilight, a unicorn gifted was amazing magical talent that ascended into becoming an Alicorn Princess and an immortal Alicorn Princess with enough power to raise the moon and decorate the night’s sky with endless constellations, both acting like little fan-fillies over a dumb magic trick.

“What is wrong with the both of you?!” Spike shouted, then quickly realising who he was shouting at, covered his mouth. They both looked at him, noticing his presence for the first time. Twilight smiled and walked over to her number one assistant.

“Hey Spike! Did you come to Trixie’s magic show.”

Spike looked at her in disbelieve. He couldn’t believe this.

“Yeah I was there, and all I saw was a bunch of-“

“Oh!” Spike was cut off as twilight grinned widely. “Did you see her great trick with the flowers appearing in mid-air?”

“What? Twilight, that’s just-“

“What about the card trick!” Luna jumped in, practically shouting. “We couldn’t believe it.”

“But it’s all-“ Spike tried to say more but they were now ignoring him.

“Oh, and what about her disappearing act!” Twilight shouted.

“Or her endless rainbow tissues?” Luna added.

“Oh that just reminded me of her cereal. Those marshmallow bits all rainbow coloured.” The purple Alicorn looked over to the kitchen when Spike had left the door open. “Hey! Wanna have some Trixie Charms?”

“Do we!?” Luna raced Twilight into the kitchen, slamming the door behind themselves. Spike was stood there alone, stunned. Twilight and Luna were acting completely crazy. Impressed by such lame tricks? This was all stuff that both Twilight and Luna could both do, so why were they so amazed? What was going on? He needed to go clear his head. Spike left the library and heading back out into Ponyville.  

Would you like more? Tell me!

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Thanks to Luna for the sig and Church for the awesome Lance and Cherry sprite!
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PostSubject: Re: The Name Game   The Name Game Empty30/10/2013, 11:08 pm

You've raised an eyebrow over here, that first chapter was quite intriguing. Post more please!

*sips tea*

The Name Game Thatonetimewheretopsysaidno-1

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PostSubject: Re: The Name Game   The Name Game Empty31/10/2013, 12:46 am

Areoplan allen

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PostSubject: Re: The Name Game   The Name Game Empty1/11/2013, 1:04 am

Not many names added in the name game this time.

Rainbow Dash
Pinkie Pie

Chapter 2

Spike sat outside the front of Sugarcube Corner. A couple of tables had been set up with parasols to provide shade from the hot sun. A pile of hay fries sat before Spike, but he wasn’t hungry. He couldn’t get everything he saw today out of his head. Everypony in town was going nuts for Trixie’s magic. It just didn’t make any sense, they weren’t even that entertaining. Spike saw a Pegasus come flying down from above. It was a mare with white and light blue spikey hair, a greyish blue coat, and pink eyes. Spike recognised her as one of the girls who helped out with tornado duty last year, but he couldn’t recall her name. She walked over to another pony who was already sat at one of the tables eating a bowl of cereal. It was another Pegasus who looked almost the same, except this pony’s mane was well combed and had a pink bow in it. Also her coat was a slightly lighter shade then her friends.

“Hey there, Flitter!” The pony with the spikey hair called out. The pony known as Flitter looked up and saw her friend walking towards her.

“Cloudchaser, hi!” The Pegasus with the pink bow called back. “It’s been a long time, how’d it all go at the Wonderbolts academy?”

“Oh it was a lot of fun, but a lot of hard work… mostly hard work.” Cloudchaser smiled as she sat beside her friend. “Boy, what a weekend. I tell you, there’s nothing that builds up an appetite more than busting clouds while flying in extreme weather.”

“Sounds like they train you really hard.”

“Yeah, well. It’s all so we can be the best, you know?”

Cloudchaser stretched her fore legs out in front of her as Flitter nodded.

“Oh, I know. Like the Great and Powerful Trixie! She’s the best of the best.”

Cloudchaser stopped in mid-stretch and looked at her friend.

“Huh? Trixie?!”

“Yeah!” Flitter smiled happily. “She’s so incredible! I actually got to see her show, live and in person. It’s was radical!”

Cloudchaser stared at her friend in disbelief.

“Trixie? The unicorn who enslaved all of Ponyville? That Trixie?!”

“And she’s so talented in magic. I mean she did things that no other unicorn has ever done before! She made an earth bound pony fly!”

Flitter was gushing as hard as Twilight and Luna were back at the library. Spike, who had started listening in on their conversation at the mention of Trixie’s name, still couldn’t believe any pony really thought that the blue unicorn was some kind of great and powerful sorceress. Spike was honestly surprised that Cloudchaser was the first pony he’d seen who agreed with him on this.

“Maybe you’ve been eating too many sweets and it’s affecting your brain.” Cloudchaser said half sarcastically. “How can you think that her tricks are so amazing after what she did? I mean, are you sick or anything? What are you eating anyway?”

“Oh, it’s my new cereal. Trixie Charms! You get one bowl free with every ticket to Trixie’s show. They’re magical and delicious!” Flitter held up a spoonful and offered it to her friend. “Try some. I’m sure it won’t ruin your Wonderbolts diet.”

Cloudchaser scrunched up her mussel. She didn’t want to touch the cereal, but then Flitter gave a sharp kick to Cloudchaser’s shin under the table, which caused her to shout out and allow the Pegasus to put the spoon into her friend’s mouth. As soon as the cereal hit Cloudchaser’s taste buds, her stature relaxed. She sat down again and slowly chewed before swallowing.

“Wow, that was delicious!” The spikey mane’d Pegasus said while leaning her head back.

“Told you!” Flitter said with a giggle. “Trixie’s cereal is the number one meal for any time of the day, you know?”

“Oh Trixie.” Cloudchaser suddenly seemed to deflate as she slumped onto the table. “I really wish I could have seen her show.”

“Hey, cheer up! She’ll be performing again tomorrow? You can blow off one training session for that, can’t you?”

Cloudchaser’s eyes lit up. “You bet!”

“Come on, let’s go order some more of that cereal.”

Both of the Pegasi jumped out of their seats and rushed into Sugarcube corner. Spike was left with his jaw hanging wide open. He couldn’t understand it. One second Cloudchaser doesn’t like Trixie, and then the next she’s depressed that she missed her. The purple dragon looked over at the empty bowl of cereal.

“Trixie Charms.” He said out loud himself. “Is it possible that…?”

Spike then immediately jumped down from his seat. Something was wrong with the ponies in Ponyville, and he thought he had an idea of what it was.

-  -  -

Rainbow Dash was flying back to Ponyville from the Wonderbolts Academy. They had all been given the rest of the day off to relax after an extremely tough training session. Many of the Pegasi stayed on the base but others, like Rainbow, decided to go see their friends. She wanted to boast about her new records she set for the academy, and decided that Pinkie Pie’s would be the first stop. Pinkie was probably worried that Dash hadn’t sent her a letter in the last two days and was getting panicky again. That Earth pony was a bundle of laughs, but she really could get worked up over her overactive imagination.

Sugarcube corner was just around the bend and Rainbow saw that Pinkie wasn’t besides the mailbox checking it every two seconds like Applejack had told her she used to do before. Rainbow landed in front of the store, where she could see Flitter and Cloudchaser sitting at a table enjoying some cereal. The cyan Pegasus walked over to the pair.

“Hey girls!” Rainbow called out to them. Flitter and Cloudchaser looked up and smiled at her.

“Hey Dash!” The both said in unison.

“So, you two got any plans for today, or are you just hanging out?”

“We’re making plans to camp out tonight so we can get a really good place for Trixie’s show tomorrow!” Flitter said happily.

“Oh, okay, I’m just here to- Wait… Both of you?” Rainbow looked at Cloudchaser who hung her head low.

“Umm, well you see Rainbow, I err… I… hurt my wing! Yeah!” Cloudchaser flexed her wing and made a yelping sound. “Ouch, see? I crashed into the wall when I wasn’t looking. I don’t think I can make it back to the academy tomorrow.”

“Are you serious?!” Rainbow shouted. “You’re skipping out on training to go see Trixie?! This is the Wonderbolts Academy! You can’t just take a day off to go see some dumb magic show!”

“Hey!” Flitter jumped out of her seat and slammed both her front hooves into the table. “Just because you’re like a star athlete and the best young flyer to come out of Cloudsdale, doesn’t mean she has to do what you say!”

Rainbow looked taken aback. She’d never seen Flitter get this angry. She was usually the quiet one of the two.

“And yeah, so what if I drop out and never become a Wonderbolt?” Cloudchaser said with a tone of defiance “I’d rather be a Trixiebolt, any day!”

“What?! Trixiebolt?” The rainbow maned Pegasus was stunned at what she was hearing. There was no such thing as a Trixiebolt. And what was with the sudden obsession with Trixie anyway?

“Come on Cloudchaser! We’re leaving!” The pair left Rainbow Dash behind, stunned. The cyan pony watched as the other two trotted off towards the centre of town.

What was wrong with those two?

Rainbow shook her head and walked into Sugarcube Corner. Pinkie was behind the counter eating a massive bowl full of cereal.

“Hey Pinkie!” Rainbow said as she crossed the room. Pinkie looked out the corner of her eye, at the sight of her friend she jumped up into the air and tackled Rainbow Dash to the ground with a hug.

“Dashie! It’s so good to have you home again! Did you miss us? How was the academy? Did you meet many ponies? Did you make some more friends? Are your new friends better than us? Why did you replace us, Dashie?”

“Pinkie…“ Dash tried to talk over the hyper earth pony, but Pinkie just carried on, ignoring her friend as she ran around dramatically through the room.

“Was it something I said? Did you not like your latest care package? Was it because I didn’t hoof deliver it? OH MY GOSH! You never got it did you? I knew I should have taken it to you. That’s why you replaced us with some other friends. But wait. What are you doing here if you’ve forgotten about me? Maybe there’s some memories deep deep down that are calling out ‘Pinkie Pie! Find Pinkie Pie!’ Well don’t you worry Dash, I know just the pony who can-”

“PINKIE!!” Dash shouted at the top of her lungs, making some of the ornaments on the shelves rattle.

“Yeah?” Pinkie looked at her rainbow maned friend with a smile, as if the drama she was just going through never happened. Rainbow Dash took a deep breath and exhaled slowly.

“I havn’t forgotten about you, I got your package, I shared the cake with a few friends I made there, they cannot and I would not replace you with them, and what’s with everypony today?”

“Huh? What you mean?” Pinkie tilted her head to the side as she looked at Rainbow Dash.

“Well, just had Flitter and Cloudchaser shout at me for no reason. I mean, Cloudchaser worked really hard today during training, and now suddenly she’s talking about skipping out on training.” Rainbow looked outside to where the two had been sitting a moment ago. “And over a dumb magic show? I heard rumours about Trixie being back in town, but after what she did, I thought no pony would wanna see that fraud aga-“ Rainbow turned back to Pinkie and abruptly stopped talking. Pinkie had a fire in her eyes and she was staring daggers right at the cyan Pegasus. “Err, Pinks… you okay?”

“How dare you talk that way about the great and all powerful Trixie!” Pinkie took a step forward as Rainbow took one back. “Not only is she the most super amazing and the most powerful unicorn in all of Equestria, but at least she’s never done anything as horrible as call a pony a ‘Fraud’!”

“You- you’re joking… right Pinks? Come on, don’t you remember-“ Pinkie stomped a hoof.

“All I remember is a so-called friend, who didn’t have the courtesy to even send me back so much as a small letter. Not a ‘hello’, or a ‘how are you?’ But Trixie remembers me. Trixie even graced me with several care packages of her very own brand of cereal!” I’ve been given them out to every pony with a ticket to Trixie’s show. And even if they didn’t have one, I still share it with every pony, because that’s what good friends do!”

“Pinkie! You’re over reacting-“

“Excuse me!?” Pinkie yelled. “I’m not acting. I’ve always been a great friend to every pony. Unlike you!”

“All I said was-“

“I heard what you said! And I’ve heard enough. I think you should go.”

Rainbow couldn’t believe this. Pinkie turned her back on Rainbow Dash and stood there unmoving. Rainbow wanted to say something, but she’d obviously done something to really upset her friend. This wasn’t like her. The happy bouncy pony always used to have a smile on her face. Dash looked at Pinkie for the longest time before she turned around and slowly walked out the door.

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Thanks to Luna for the sig and Church for the awesome Lance and Cherry sprite!
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The Name Game
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