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 Rant thread

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PostSubject: Rant thread   Rant thread Empty29/4/2013, 5:15 am

So here be a thread for ranting, be it about school, work, family etc

I start off with a light rant, as I mostly come to terms with it now

So, many of you will know I am currently making some short films for my second year of uni, and the big, major one, has been a major pain in my ass for a couple of months now. I wrote the script, found the actors, did the pre-production, did my very fair share of filming. And now, the guy who is editing has suddenly turned around and said he can't edit, leaving it to me instead. Well, you know what? Fuck them. I am not editing a damn thing. As far as I am concerned I have done the vast majority of the work and I am not lifting another finger for the project. I have 3 other massive things that require my attention, including my own long-ass editing piece, which I haven't even started yet because I have been so busy doing every fucking thing for this project.

So in short, fuck you guys.

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I, like, make plushies or something
Rant thread Ru4t5q4
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PostSubject: Re: Rant thread   Rant thread Empty29/4/2013, 4:24 pm

That is terrible. what is it with these people and a lack of dedication and commitment? How's it gonna look for them when future film producers see on their history "Unreliable, Doesn't commit to a project."? Good luck in your future endeavors jackasses, i know a good place where you can wash dishes for a living.

Keep your head up Aru. Do what you gotta do and know that we're supporting you.

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Most Edgy User On Brony Awakening

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PostSubject: Re: Rant thread   Rant thread Empty29/4/2013, 11:57 pm

Hey , I did drama A level if you need a hand , and get some good mates ... and I'm sure if you put that anger into making plushies ... you will have some cool results 0-0 anger ponies

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Rant thread
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