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PostSubject: Minecraft server   Minecraft server Empty20/4/2013, 8:56 am

So after a little struggle with converting the server from Hamachi based to running on a port instead I can gladly say the server is no officially OPEN!

It's the Equestria map with a ponyville town, Appleloosa, the royal castle (still under construction) and Manehattan and some other random shit the people that made the map has put on it.. There's also some old buildings and tunnels and crap from when it was used as the Bronyhangout server.

But since no one over there plays apart from me and 2 others I decided I'd let you guys in on the deal as well!

Simply launch up MC go to multiplayer and add a server with the IP and then you should be good to go and be able to connect to the server.

To begin with this server will only be up when I'm online but if people play I will consider leaving it on over night etc, be sure to check with me first that the server is online to save yourself some trouble!

My sig says: Golmenstfr
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Minecraft server
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