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 Useful websites/programs?

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Useful websites/programs? Empty
PostSubject: Useful websites/programs?   Useful websites/programs? Empty8/1/2013, 9:37 am

What are some useful free websites and programs that you think everyone can benefit from using?

Flux - A program that will dim and orange tinge your display at night. I find it useful for reducing strain on my eyes in the evening. You can turn it off easily too if you are doing colour sensitive work.

Wolfram Alpha - An amazing tool for searching about a calculation or data
Duolingo - Learn a language for free in exchange for helping to translate the web
Rainymood - Background rain. Often sounds amazingly relaxing, especially when you whack on a nice soft piece of music on too

Useful websites/programs? Tumblr_mk4xv3c9K61rpnpeyo1_100Useful websites/programs? Tumblr_mnunixdtfa1so360io5_100Useful websites/programs? Tumblr_mnunixdtfa1so360io2_100Useful websites/programs? Tumblr_mnunixdtfa1so360io4_100Useful websites/programs? Tumblr_mnunixdtfa1so360io6_100
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Useful websites/programs? Ru4t5q4
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PostSubject: Re: Useful websites/programs?   Useful websites/programs? Empty9/1/2013, 3:21 am

RocketDock - Nice little program that keeps your shortcuts organised.
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PostSubject: Re: Useful websites/programs?   Useful websites/programs? Empty14/1/2013, 2:11 pm

Cleverbot: An AI that can make for a cheap substitute friend for all the pathetic, lonely losers such as myself.

Existor (Evie): Some other guy's version of Cleverbot.

Pastebin: A website where you can upload large documents of text, public or private, that can be set to expire (be deleted) from the internet after a short time. It's useful for creating one-stop links for people to see an entire page worth of text that they can copy/paste to a wordpad of their own before the data is deleted. I like using this to catch people up on an RP or something like that in Steam, because it's faster than using their default chatbox. (You can't write very long messages)

Google Earth: The ultimate tool for looking at your house...from space!

While some ponies prefer Google Chrome, I think we can ALL agree that if you don't use Chrome you should at least have Firefox as opposed to...*shudders*..
Internet Explorer...:

Flashgot: A plugin I use for downloading youtube videos and other flash media directly to my HDD. It can be used for images as well, but I've rarely had a situation where that speeds up mass-downloading, because it also has a tendency to screw up a bit too often and I have to monitor the status of the final product when downloading websites worth of pics. To me it feels like it doesn't make much of a difference because of this.

Adblock Plus: Basic protection against nasty pop-up adds.

BetterPrivacy: Protection against super-cookies! :D

Flagfox: Displays a flag to show you the nationality of your current webpage.

Ghostery: Similar to BetterPrivacy. Ghostery shows you all the ad networks, data collectors and other third-party web-bugs embedded in the website you're viewing and allows you to block them.

gTranslate: Easy right-click translation for text you're writing, anywhere, anytime.

NoScript: One of the most popular firefox plugins, NoScript, as the name implies, shows you all the scripts embedded in a webpage (i.e flash, java, and a lot of the same stuff you'd see from Ghostery) and allows you to select which ones you trust using. NoScript can alert you when a certain script is behaving suspiciously, and in that sense acts like a mini-anti-virus.

Stylish: A client-side tool that allows you to literally "dress up" the web. You can draw skins or download other people's skins for specific websites and load them over the default images of the site you're visiting. I haven't really messed with this addon yet, and I don't know how it works.


Avast! Antivirus: My favorite virus-scanner. The paid version is a virus-scanner fire-wall bundle, but the free version is just the naked scanner.

Comodo Firewall: The perfect friend for the free version of Avast! Comodo's firewall is free, and the paid version basically grants you a virus scanner.

Spybot - Search and Destroy: A nice little spyware and malware scanner with a few firewall-like abilities. It used to be lightweight but now I've noticed it seems to take up quite a bit of memory. Still, it's good to have more than one virus scanner. Although, Spybot is notorious for having problems with certain firewalls and other virus scanners like Flyswatter.

ALShow: My former primary video player. It doesn't take up too much juice, and can play pretty much *anything*. It's mostly been replace now with Potplayer, but I still use ALShow as a backup player and a .gif viewer, since Microsoft decided Windows 7 shouldn't have a built-in ability to view animated images. Pinkie Sad

PotPlayer: My new primary video player. Supposedly it has a better video and audio quality (though I still can't notice much a difference besides audio) and unlike my ALShow, it can be rigged up to play BLU-rays. However, it's a total power hog and you have to instal a patch to make it display english menus. And, if you update it the wrong way, it resets back to Korean.

DVDFab Passkey: The program I use to be able to play BLU-rays at their highest quality on my PC with out having to buy a damn fancy-pants player from PowerDVD or other programs. It's a little fussy though, and its instructions on the site are poorly written. I'm not sure if this program is really free or if it's just a trial. I once got a notice that I had to buy a full version after my free trial ran out despite what I read about it giving me the ability to remove the protections from BLU-Rays for free. A reinstall and a bit of messing around later got it working again but it's been a while since I've tested this thing. Even if I do end up having to buy this, I'd still prefer it over stupid video players like PowerDVD, because this program removes the secret file inside the disc that degrades the video quality when using "unsupported software", allowing you to view BLU-Rays in their fullest quality with any video player, like PotPlayer. And no, I will NOT use Windows Media Player for any, any reason ever.

ALSong: My former music player. It's since then been completely replaced.

Spider Player: My new favorite music player. It has a better audio equalizer, it's relatively light-weight and has a better sound quality in general than ALSong. It has pretty much all the nifty bells and whistles you'd expect from a decent music player like CD-ripping and burning, internet radio and a decent organization and randomization of playlists. Some of its features require you to register to use though - but it's entirely free to upgrade to Spider Player Pro now.

YoutubeDownloader: A very basic program with a suspiciously straight-forward name that, you guess it, is primary designed for downloading youtube videos. Out of habit, I still use Flashgot for the actual downloading though, and I use this program to convert flash videos into MP3s.

Audacity: A very advanced audio editing program. I use it for the simplest of tasks and I'm not very good at it, but it's solved various trivial problems of mine and is a very powerful tool, if you're some kind of wizard.

Dragon Unpacker 5: Again. an advanced tool fit for those smarter than I. I don't really use this often and I don't really know what I'm doing but it can be used for looking at the condensed files from any video game you've installed, and extracting things like texture files or audio files (character voice files, background music) and converting them into common files like MP3s and JPEGs.

HLDJ (Half Life DJ): A program used for what we call "micspamming" in games that use the Source engine, like TF2. It takes music or audio files and converts them to something the game can use (a very low quality audio file), where you can then select said files via the console, and play them live through the voice-chat system. Most micspamming is for recreational purposes, and no harm is really meant towards the people who are semi-forced to listen to my shitty music or insulting audio files (I like to play FUS RO DAH when I airblast somepony off a cliff), and most people don't mind. Those that do can simply mute us of course - but there are some idiots out there who like to yell at us instead of lifting their fingers and muting us. The really tragic problem however, is that a few major patches ago involving Steam and the Source Engine had eradicated the ability to use HLDJ's audio format, so now the average server isn't able to hear us. A server must now be set very specifically to use the old format for HLDJ to work, making it so that now we micspammers have to go to specific "hide-outs" to do what we do best.

Useful websites/programs? Chrysi10
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Useful websites/programs? New_bi11Useful websites/programs? New_bi10
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PostSubject: Re: Useful websites/programs?   Useful websites/programs? Empty14/1/2013, 4:37 pm


This is going to be good, i am sure of it.

That Flux program seems really cool, im going to give it a shot and see what happens.


CCleaner: clears cookies and temp files and other BS that you need to clean every now and again.

Pokit: Most of us use it already but it needs to be mentioned. just a quick easy screen capping and uploading program.

Useful websites/programs? 9b64177cca4e553cb7eecb1448ef66d8
Useful websites/programs? Signat10
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PostSubject: Re: Useful websites/programs?   Useful websites/programs? Empty15/1/2013, 8:59 pm

I now have Rainymood, Wolfram Alpha and Pastebin happily bookmarked, thanks for sharing. Here are my suggestions:

Color Scheme Designer - I don't use this as often as I'd like, and you all will probably use it a bit less. But anyways, Colour Scheme Designer is what it sounds like. There are about a dozen other websites that do the same thing, but I picked this one because I'm most familiar with it.

ColorHexa - Is sorta what it sounds like. A giant library of colours, but with lots of useful data attached to them. Fluid and easy to use. No hexagons included. I like to use this along with Color Scheme Designer.

Chrome Extensions
Google Dictionary - Like anyone, we can occasionally come across a word we're not sure about, but we don't just leave that word hanging, we want to know what it is exactly. Look no further than Google Dictionary! With just a simple double click, a definition will appear above the mysterious term. Aside from that, Google Dictionary doesn't actually do much, but I find it massively convenient regardless.

*sips tea*

Useful websites/programs? Thatonetimewheretopsysaidno-1

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PostSubject: Re: Useful websites/programs?   Useful websites/programs? Empty15/1/2013, 10:20 pm

TurboNarwhal wrote:

CCleaner: clears cookies and temp files and other BS that you need to clean every now and again.

Defraggler. Great program, sort of like CCleaner, with a few slight differences.

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PostSubject: Re: Useful websites/programs?   Useful websites/programs? Empty

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Useful websites/programs?
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