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 London MCM Expo

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Most Edgy User On Brony Awakening

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PostSubject: London MCM Expo   11/10/2012, 12:12 am

On the 27th of October (this month) London will be holding A CONVENTION TADA! Now its only 15 POUNDS on the day for admission . This map shows the route in from MK , but also where and what lines to get . I can say now if you know where the 02 arena is you will be good . Me and Arualsti will be cosplaying :D . And a few others will be going . Any other people want in on this let me know as I can help you there and we can meet up :P <-- Official website Crazy

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PostSubject: Re: London MCM Expo   11/10/2012, 12:28 am

Who else will be able to go Tom?

You've already mentioned everyone who can, thus removing the whole point of the thread.

Whats the point of the route from MK, when the only people who live there are me, you and Mario. (And he's not coming online anytime soon)
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PostSubject: Re: London MCM Expo   

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London MCM Expo
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