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 This Thing My Friend Showed Me

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PostSubject: This Thing My Friend Showed Me   8/8/2012, 3:08 am

We're running out of ideas.

It's a well-known fact that as the years go on, people are being further drained of creativity. In music, television, cinema, literature, and yes, video gaming, our cognitive gears are turning slower and slower. It's only human, but if we are to continue making creative, fresh, new games, I believe we need to hand over responsibility to man's best friend, the computer.

Go to this Web site, click "generate name", and make a video game concept around that name. I'll start.

Bizarre Hang Glider Legend

Tired of the same old hang gliding games? Do you want something new in your virtual hang gliding experience? Then pick up a copy of Bizarre Hang Glider Legend today and immerse yourself in a vibrant, whimsical world that this planet's hang gliding community has never seen before. From the city-scape of London to the crevasses of the Grand Canyon, it's hang gliding as you've never seen it before.

And along with the racing aspect of the sport, Bizarre Hang Glider Legend adds an offensive combat front to this already-intense gaming experience, allowing the player to inhibit their opponents' flights with everything from pistols to Molotov cocktails.

"This is the most extreme hang gliding game ever!"
- The New York Post

"One of those games where you think 'What were they smoking?', then ... you think 'I'm glad they smoked that.'"
- Entertainment Weekly


Get Bizarre Hang Glider Legend for a hang gliding sim you won't soon forget!

(C) EA Games 2012. Developed by Naughty Dog Studios. Rated T for Teen.

My zombie drama/self-parody fan fiction. Tell your friends, spread the word, actually read it, don't throw tomatoes at me after you do read it. Give it the fan base and thumbs up it doesn't deserve.
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PostSubject: Re: This Thing My Friend Showed Me   8/8/2012, 4:11 am

Final Fantasy Pokemon Hunt

Pokemon have suddenly invaded the worlds of Final Fantasy, and are wreaking havoc everywhere. In response, a group of heroes from all across the Final Fantasy universe team up as a resistance group known as the Pokemon Hunters. It's up to this gang of heroes to exterminate the little pests and save the Final Fantasy worlds.

You can control five different characters in your quest to stop the Pokemon; Terra Branford (Final Fantasy VI), who can use her Trance ability to double her stats for a limited time; Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy VII), whose Limit Breaks allow him to use special abilities; Squall Leonhart (Final Fantasy VIII), whose Gunblade acts as both a firearm and a sword; Tidus (Final Fantasy X), who fights using his Blitzball abilities; and Lightning (Final Fantasy XIII), who can call onher Eidolon, Odin, to assist her in battle.

So what are you waiting for? Defeat the ravage Pokemon and save the Final Fantasy universe! The homes, families, and lives of the Hunters depend on it!

(And on a different subject, one of the names I got was "A Boy and his Fun Solider". Sounds like a penis joke to me.)


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Topsy Kretts


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PostSubject: Re: This Thing My Friend Showed Me   8/8/2012, 12:36 pm

For Gentlemen, by Gentlemen
Pre order now!

The much anticipated Nerf Love on Wheels brings you the best of the vehicular combat genre. Borrowing the chaotic flare from Twisted Metal, the mindless fuckery from the massively popular Car Lesbians, and intoxicated imagination from the people who brought you the hit anime Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt. The development team itself headed by the creator of the age old Car Wars: Steve Jackson, in cooperation with Hasbro's Nerf design team.

It is the year 3XXX, you have a car, you are a lesbian, and you are a crazy-huge fan of Nerf. Pit your mechanized pair of double Ds on wheels against other mechanized pairs of double Ds on wheels, then make out with other lesbians that have Nerf guns, bitch slap those who don't. Vehicular combat with foam bullets and fake ample bosoms, and lesbians. Wage each battle with friends or AI or as AI, in over 1234567890 different maps, under the roof of your fully customizable car.

A gentleman's game.

- Sir Topsy K., Twilight Sparkle's Husbando/Celestia's Slave

"Yes please"
- Le Kretts, Boss of Pretty Rave Girls everywhere

"Dis liek best ting evar lol"
- Tubzy, Best Artist Ever

"Hah, gayyyyy!"
- Senor Ben Chang, dick

Content is in your Public Domain. Unrated and will never be rated.


*sips tea*

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PostSubject: Re: This Thing My Friend Showed Me   8/8/2012, 4:06 pm


*clicks link*

*allows script*

*presses the generate button*



*no comment*


^^ best mommy
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PostSubject: Re: This Thing My Friend Showed Me   9/8/2012, 6:34 am

Revenge of the Sloth Siege

The year is 1912. The United States of America wishes to be the nation that shall profit from the promising Nicaraguan Canal project, which will be extremely lucrative if completed. There was one problem: Nicaragua was not, strictly speaking, theirs, and was in fact, using technical diplomatic terms, another country. So they decided to take it over.

A full-scale invasion begins. The USA plows over the Nicaraguan defenses with everything they can gather. It is a dark time in Nicaragua's history.

After the nation was secured under the USA's iron fist, to aid in making sure it stayed that way and to crack down on any uprisings that sprung through the sludge of oppression, the USA breeds a special, top-secret brand of three-toed sloths, called "special top-secret three-toed sloths". These sloths are fast, aggressive, and carnivorous, brutally "containing" revolutionary movements such as that of guerrilla commander Augusto Cesar Sandino, though Sandino's rebellion eventually won over the American occupation and brought control of Nicaragua back to the Nicaraguans. Finding the deep-forest conservatory where the sloths were bred, Sandino ordered all of them shot, one by one, and then burned the entire complex to the ground. The year was 1933.

He thought he'd killed all of them.

Fast-forward to the early 1970s. A Cold War proxy conflict has begun, this time a US-backed revolution against the dictatorship of the Somoza dynasty. You are an American soldier (fully customizable) who chases a faction of the Reds deep into the rain forest. Your squad comes across a large clearing where all the plants are smaller, younger. In the center of this clearing is a large piece of concrete... and the mutilated bodies of your enemies. Feasting upon them are the sloths. Before you know it, a deluge of sloths bursts from an unseen door in the slab, now revealed to be a secret chamber where especially dangerous sloths were held during the occupation of the early 1900s. You barely make it out alive, unlike your comrades.

Now, as the overpowered sloths terrorize the local corner of Nicaragua, you and your ever-growing (as much as ever-shrinking) band of survivors must destroy all the sloths before they destroy you.

Good luck.

Rated M for Mature.

My zombie drama/self-parody fan fiction. Tell your friends, spread the word, actually read it, don't throw tomatoes at me after you do read it. Give it the fan base and thumbs up it doesn't deserve.
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PostSubject: Re: This Thing My Friend Showed Me   

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This Thing My Friend Showed Me
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