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PostSubject: Punk-Punk   28/2/2012, 3:07 am

Steampunk. Cyberpunk. You know these. The "Punk-Punk" genre is a genre of speculative fiction detailing an adventure or another kind of story (but typically an adventure) taking place in a world where some sort of alternate technology is the main technological center of civilization.

Steampunk details basically what would happen if the Industrial Revolution happened, but didn't progress past its earliest years, before gasoline came into the fray. Steam-powered cars, steam-powered trains, steam-powered automatons, et cetera.

Cyberpunk is sort of like Star Wars meets American Graffiti. Laser guns, cyber-implants, jetpacks, levitating cars, and all that sort of thing.

There are many different subgenres of the Punk-Punk field. Biopunk (biotechnology), atompunk (nuclear technology), dieselpunk (diesel, kerosene, etc.), and the list goes on.

These subgenres tend to have their own time frame as well. Steampunk productions typically take place in the early days of the Industrial Revolution, atompunk stories tend to take place around the 1950s or '40s, cyberpunk typically takes place in the future, and so on.

My personal favorite? Clockpunk. This details technology derived from gears, springs, and other trappings of clockwork. When I was younger, I was always wondering what a car powered by its own locomotion would be like. I envisioned a system where the front axle uses a gearbox to turn a central axle thingy, and that central axle thingy turns a generator in the back of the car, which makes electricity to power the rear axle, causing the car to go forward, causing the front axle to turn, and you can see where this is going. That system is inherently flawed, and now my interests have shifted, but I've always wanted to try out that concept someday, somehow, just to see what would happen. As I started looking into clockpunk and the typical aspects of it, I was constantly reminded of this design, for some reason (in retrospect, that design is more reminiscent of a subgenre called "teslapunk", but the clockpunk aesthetic just allured me). So I sort of gained a biased attachment to clockpunk over the other Punk-Punk subgenres. (By the way, clockpunk typically takes place just before the Industrial Revolution, or even during it, in a sort of alternate history.)

What's your favorite Punk-Punk subgenre?
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Topsy Kretts


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PostSubject: Re: Punk-Punk   28/2/2012, 3:17 am

Mine is much like yours, though it's mostly a mixture of Clockwork and Steam, so...clock-steam-punk? Well, either way, I just find it really cool, I haven't a clue why I like, I just do. Maybe because I had a thing for mechanisms and clockwork machinery when I was little, maybe clocks are cool, and steam was super legit. Even so, I just like it.

*sips tea*

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PostSubject: Re: Punk-Punk   28/2/2012, 4:25 am

dfhfwhgcutwfinut steampunk.
Don't even get me started. I will show you my extensive collection of amazing steampunk projects I've found around the glorious internet. Some of them I've attempted myself.
As for fiction, I'm with Topsy, but more with electricity, so I'll go with dieselpunk.
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I don't post outside of Lights Of Harmony

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PostSubject: Re: Punk-Punk   28/2/2012, 6:47 am

Cyberpunk is more my deal. I love futuristic settings.

My stories!

The two longer ones can be found on Equestria Daily!
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PostSubject: Re: Punk-Punk   

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