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 OC's for mah game :D

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Project Awakening Head Developer

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PostSubject: OC's for mah game :D   27/4/2012, 11:52 am

I have my pony game practically %100 finished and ready to play. But I want to add two more Brony Awakening OC's to kinda balance out the character roster a little better. Lexie's oc, Midnight, is already a playable character in the game. Sooooo the first two people to reply with the following requirements, shall have their OC's as playable characters in game.


1. Character MUST be filly size. Can't have Alicorns running around in the levels. They'd get stuck on stuff. Not to mention spriting them is such a pain in the ass...

2. Need an attack for your character. Example, Lexie's OC shoots exploding starts. Twilight shoots a megaman style thing, complete with charging. Pinkie Pie throws party bombs

3. If I haven't done a sprite of your character before, I need a good picture of your character.

4. No absurd requests. I'm no professional and am limited with how much I can do for your character.

5. I'd REALLY prefer to not have anymore pegasus ponies. Unless you are willing to have your pegasus flightless. It took me like two days to get Lexie's character glitch free T_T If you don't care that your pegasus won't fly, than I'd be glad to add him/her

6. Has to be an OC. No more ponies from the show. Sorry Vinyl...ran out of spaces for you ;_;

That should be it. The video below is to show you the type game play. Your character's attack will have to fit into this game play as seamless as possible.

Yeeeaaaaaahhhhh sooooooo...I think that's it....hmmmm....yep.

Oh first two responses to meet the requirements are the ones that will be added. After that, the topic will be locked. (Thank you Bio :D)

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PostSubject: Re: OC's for mah game :D   27/4/2012, 12:05 pm

You already have my character sprited, so I'll just fill in the missing stuff. I'd like the attack to be a shuriken toss, preferably with the mouth. Go ahead and make him flightless, the wings were always intended to just be cosmetic anyway.


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PostSubject: Re: OC's for mah game :D   27/4/2012, 12:08 pm

You can add mine, I dont mind if it cant fly, My attack could be a gust of wind from batting my wings.
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PostSubject: Re: OC's for mah game :D   

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OC's for mah game :D
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