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 Hey everypony.

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Topsy Kretts


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PostSubject: Re: Hey everypony.   28/2/2012, 1:38 am

I don't know why, but I feel like saying this because just cause. I chatted with the author of Cupcakes once, along with a few others. The end result of the conversation was a collaborative random muffinfic(tm) we made together. The massacre of unicorns and the rape of Pinkie Pie ensues, the Doctor overthrows God, Sergeant Sprinkles returns from a bathroom break, Spess Marines begin to do something whilst an army of Daleks befriends some Orks, and Pinkie's cousin begins a new semester, whilst Stalin continued to rape Pinkie, with vivid detail.

The actual fic was lost along with a dilemma involving my USB.

My senseless fuckery ends here.

*sips tea*


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PostSubject: Re: Hey everypony.   28/2/2012, 1:40 am

*Hops on jetpack* Nothing to do here...
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Hey everypony.
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