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 Fighting the Leaf Mosnter

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Most Edgy User On Brony Awakening

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PostSubject: Fighting the Leaf Mosnter   23/4/2013, 3:42 am

Right so this has been hard but its time me and callum finally told you the story of how we survived the nuclear fall out of Kim Pong Wong Diddly Jong. Sleepy

It was a sunny day in Badidly Boing Britain and me and the glorious admin were trekking down a long road in MK . We were tired hungry and still on the quest to find inner peace for the middle east . We walk but the old haunted car park , and our ears perked to the sound of a rustling , we knew what it was . THE DREADED HURESH DAKAL OR FOR ALL YOU IDIOTS - EL LEAF MONSTER

Me and Callum our animoo swords out and began to fight , it burst from the bush slicing callums pony chest plate . I summoned the inner warrior spirit of spaggethi and began slicing at the foot of the colastal monster . With a quick hit it knocked me off my feet , I landed face down in the mud of the forgotten car park . I begin to loose blood and see the admin fighting the beast with nothing but his handsome looks . The beast cries out as callum pulls the once forgotten duck face and with one swift kick to the beats scrotal area it exploded into 100 totured souls.

I begin to fade out , and begin to laugh at our heroic victory , I am wounded and loosing blood . But Admin looks me dead in the eye and utters "U avin a gigle m8" . And as those words left his lushoiush lips , lyra her self decended from the heavens to play the once forggoten harp . We knew this would be one but many of edgy task's we would have to comple
te to become the true warriors for the fight against chavlestia ...
Even Twilighcorn her self drew an image of our heroic victory.

(TL;DR version)

We were walking down a road and we saw the leafs rustling so callum kicked some more leaves at it and we saw something scramble away , we came back later and we are pretty sure it was a rat moving around.


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PostSubject: Re: Fighting the Leaf Mosnter   23/4/2013, 4:00 am

*sniff* So beautiful *sniff* Fluttercry

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Graphics Artist

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PostSubject: Re: Fighting the Leaf Mosnter   23/4/2013, 6:17 am

top story, tom, 10/10


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PostSubject: Re: Fighting the Leaf Mosnter   

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Fighting the Leaf Mosnter
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