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PostSubject: Re: HELLO.   11/3/2013, 11:20 am

SheepInTheBox wrote:

Laura said I should reply with something really witty like - and I quote - "Noo.... noooooo".

So here I am, saying that.


Oh noo.. whatever shall I do, the wittiness is too strong Despair
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PostSubject: Re: HELLO.   11/3/2013, 12:43 pm

SheepInTheBox wrote:
PinkiePieRocks! wrote:
Hello there! (I don't want to interrupt the Luna/SheepInTheBox convo right now...)
So, welcome to the forums. Have fun! Yes, there are two Pinkie's. (I'm the original one.)
Love your long intro! =3 *passes out refreshments that are going to be left out anyways*
Would you like a bottle of water?
And hope Call/Luna makes you feel at home.
Erm.. I lost track of intro posts.
Oh, and Nevel is the grandfather of this group. Be nice to him. HE'S A CHICKEN!
That is all~ RMY/Pinkie!

Oh hey there. Pinkie is most certainly best pony. Good choice, there.

Good Choice, my friend. Happy
Luna-Call. Be witty.
Out wit. Oh! Ding! Fries are done! I gotta run... *runs off of page*

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Queen Chrysalis


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PostSubject: Re: HELLO.   11/3/2013, 1:46 pm

Hello person taking my place as the new guy.

There's something in this world that no one has ever seen before.
It is gentle and sweet.
Maybe if it could be seen, everyone would fight over it.
That's why no one has ever seen it.
That is why the world hid it, so that no one could get their hands on it so easily.
However, someday, someone will find it.
The person who deserves it the most will definitely find it.
This is how its created.
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PostSubject: Re: HELLO.   11/3/2013, 1:49 pm

Queen Chrysalis wrote:
Hello person taking my place as the new guy.

Hello there :3
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The author of this message was banned from the forum - See the message
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PostSubject: Re: HELLO.   

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