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 Somepony, please relay this news to Church for me!!!

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PostSubject: Somepony, please relay this news to Church for me!!!   17/1/2013, 5:03 am

Alright, I think the wireless card on my laptop died today.. ;-;..

I'm on the internet on my Xbox right now, and my phone just ran out of service today, so I can't text him. It might not have died, but nothing I"m trying is working, I won't have no internet on my laptop for to long, If it turns out the wireless card on it is dead, I'll be buying a new one with my check on friday. Just let him know that I'm not dead or anything. Just laptop is bucked at the moment, I can still make music on it, and If I don't get a card soon, I can just e-mail the songs to him, but I'll need an email, but yeah. Somepony please relay this news to him, or If you're reading this Church, This is why I'm not on skype currently.


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Somepony, please relay this news to Church for me!!!
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